Speed Skating

They Got the Need for Speed

A Look at Speed Skating

Introduced into the Olympics in 1924, speed skating is one of the oldest winter sports in the Olympics. The first speed skating competitions included men's speed skating for 500m, 1500m, and 10000m. Eventually in 1960, women could finally compete for medals in the sport. The first woman gold medalist being Germany's Helga Haase, in the 500m category. In the 1500m Men's Category, names like Zbigniew Brodka and Mark Tuitert have risen to fame. In the 1500m Women's category, Cindy Klassen and Jorien Ter Mors will go down in history.

The Study

My goal is to compare the times gold medalist speed skating time for both the men and women. Over the years, both men's and women's 1500m speed skating times has improved. Every year, the men's gold medalist times have beaten those of the women's. Is there a time in the near future where that will change? Will the women's teams claim victory in the near future? Well, let's find out!

The Data Continued

As you can see from the data, the men's times are less than those of the women's. Both the women's and men's times are improving each game, with only a few of the year's times being greater than the previous year's.

X Coordinates (List 1) - The years that the men and women competed.

Y Coordinates (List 2&3)- The winning times for the men and women.

The Scatter Plot

Pink Squares = Men's Times

Blue Xs = Women's Times

From the scatter plot, you can see that the women's times are greater, and therefore higher on the grid than those of the men's.

The Line of Best Fit (Linear Regression)

The pink line is for the women's times and the blue line is for the men's. The line of best fit or "trend line" represents the data on the scatter plot. As you can see, the men's line of best fit is less than the women's.

Women's Best Fit Line Equation : -0.149970181730266x + 424.2216

Men's Best Fit Line Equation : -0.131081355522424x + 374.7287


The intersection of the two lines is when the data for both the men's and women's times are the same. After that, you can see the women's best fit line is less than that of the men's best fit line.

Intersection Point : (2620.220162 , 31.26671673)

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The Procedures

I created a chart to show both the men's and women's times over a period of 54 years.

Then I made a scatter plot to compare the data from both groups. I then created a line of best fit, or linear regression for my data. I then got the data for the equations of my lines of best fit. I looked at the data and came up with a conclusion.

The Future?

Based on the data, I believe that one day the women's times will triumph over the men's. It will just take a really really really long time. Of course, this is only a prediction, the men's and women's times could vary and change.


All pictures were taken from http://olympics.org

Info about the history of speed skating taken from http://infocus.gettyimages.com