Turkish Delight

A Delicious Addicting Treat!

Get a Taste of our Delicious new Treat!

The treat is very sweet and chewy to the very center! It is made with starch and powdered sugar, and is usually flavored lemon or rosewater.

Choose Wisely!

Although this treat is delicious, there are some dangerous parts to this. After all, everything has a bad side! This treat can leave you wanting more and more of it, because of the White Witch's enchantment. Once you are eating it, it can make the witch have an advantage of controlling you. And don't forget, it can leave you very sick afterwards.


Dig In!

Now that you know the side affects, you can choose if you would still want it or not. We sell these treats in TDelight. It can make a great gift and comes wrapped in ribbons of any color! Buy now or order them online for $4.99 per box!