Sanjana K.

About the Application

This app is made by Under Armour and is a IOS free download. This app consists of ways to help with ones fitness, and diet. Focusing on the diet aspect of this app, you can add in the foods that you ate for that day, and it will tell you the number of your calories. Using the fitness part of the app, you can burn off calories which will be subtracted from your total calories. When logging in fitness data, the app automatically subtracts the calories you burned.


I don't like how the app is a little confusing to use, as the charts, and the diary log for physical activity are in different places, and thus it is not very convenient to use, as it takes time to find food, and activities completed that day. My favorite features of the app are that you have a set calorie number and you have to log the food that you are eating, and what and how much exercise you are doing. I like how you can search up the food through a network, which will tell you how many calories you gained, or how many calories you lost, for exercise.


In the exercise section of the app, you can search up cardiovascular or static exercises, which is good, because in stretches you can also burn calories, and so it gives a more exact and reasonable estimate of physical activity. In most exercise apps it only tells you how much you walked or ran, but in this app you can also "log in" stretches.


In the diet section of this app, there is a pie chart, which shows your calorie breakdown- (see diagram above). You have set goals, for how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates you have for each day. This is helpful, because you can see if you are eating less protein than you should, or think you should be eating. This in turn, can make you more aware, and healthier.
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More Information

The good part is that the app has no "upgraded" version, and is a free IOS download. The app does not require for you to put any personal information, but you do need to create an account, and you do not lose any progress, as each day is "daily" The app is to show you how to balance your calorie intake on a regular basis. You can add people who are your friends to see how they are doing in terms of fitness.


I would recommend this app for students who feel like they would need more exercise, or feel like they need to eat more healthier food. They would be able to see if they have the right number of calorie intake, because for students this is very important. Also, if students are very busy, it can be a little time confusing, as it took time for me to log in how much of each kind of food I ate.