A Little Something Different

By Sandy Hall

About The Book . . .

Lea and Gabe are two college students. Lea is a freshman, and this is Gabe's second year in college. Lea is very excited, but not overly confident. However, that is more that can be said for Gabe, the introvert. They both have advanced creative writing class, and start to notice each other. The whole campus wants them to be together, but can they overcome their timid ways for each other?

"Each moment is a gift, not a given. Use your moment wisely." -Unknown

I Want To Hold Your Hand - Glee Cast (Lyrics)

====Characters (and author)====



One of the settings is a local Starbucks. I think it symbolizes Gabe and Lea's relationship because it has always been a place for them to go to see each other, and when they aren't there, it seems a little sad. All of the people who work there are rooting for them.


This Story's Theme Is...

This book is about courage and overcoming your largest fears for someone else.

-Man vs. Self-

Gabe is fighting with himself over if he should branch out and talk to Lea, or if he should stay back and leave their friendship intact. Lea doesn't know if she should approach Gabe because he always backs off when she feels close.

-Page 141-

"It's a shame he's not looking at her though because the look of complete and utter delight on her face could kill puppies. She's like the happiest girl in the world, as if she's basically having the best day of her life." -Charlotte

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