Some iPad apps for kindys

Reading/Writing apps

Tumblebooks - Access Tumblebooks through your school's library page in the book resources section HERE. You will be taken to Multnomah County's webpage and click on Begin Using this Resource. It will ask you if you want to use the mobile site and you need to say yes. It remembers that setting for 14 days, after which time you'll have to do it again.

Read Me Stories is similar to Tumblebooks. It has books that students can read to themselves or have read to them with the words being highlighted in the text as they're read. The first book in each series is free, but then the additional books in the series must be paid for. The three series I looked at were each $1.99 for the remainder of the books in the series.

ABC Genius for letter recognition - activites and games. Good for letter recognition, letter tracing, and vocabulary building. Has pictures of things like avocados and asparagus for the letter A section. Free app for some of the activities. $2.99 opens all letters.

Little Speller - students "spell" words by matching up letters. App says the word, says the letters as they're placed, then says the whole word.

Rocket Speller works the same way as Little Speller, but students are trying to reach different levels to get the pieces to build a rocket ship.


Kinder Add - Addition problems with tricks to help students get the answers such as making a frog jump from lilypad to lilypad as he counts up.

Numbers Addition and Subtraction by Tribal Nova - counting, ordering, adding and subtracting.


Tell Time Little Matchups - Shows digital and analog clocks and the students match the correct clocks together.

Bitsboard - Visual flashcards for different subjects. Emotions, animals, places, etc. A photo illustrates each word as it's read and the text of the word is on the screen. Also has matching games and BINGO in the free version. $2.99 unlocks all games.

Play 1-2-3 Shapes and colors, drawing and manipulating.

Doodle Buddies - drawing app