Walt the Salt!

Jacqueline Kapoian R1

Who is Walt the Sale?

Walt the Salt was inspired by the compound NaCl or sodium chloride. Sodium chloride, which is also referred to as table salt, influenced the theme for Walt the Salt. Walt is named after salt, a common name for NaCl. You may think that Walt can only be found on dinner tables and fast food restaurants, but you would be wrong. Walt (as well as NaCl) can be found in hospitals, on icy streets, in the ocean, in chemical processing plants, veterinary clincs, and many more important places. You see, although NaCl is sometimes referred to as "common" table salt, it is anything but common!

Purpose of Walt the Salt!

The plain mild-mannered Sodium chloride is actually a Super Compound!! For starters, NaCl is most commonly known as a table salt. As we all know, NaCl is used in cooking, preserving and seasoning many different types of foods. But did you know that sodium chloride is also used in the medical field? Do you wear contacts? Well, Optometrists use sodium chloride in the form of saline to clean and rinse contact lenses. Doctors also use sodum chloride in catheter flush injections or intravenous infusions which helps in removing different types of bad bacteria. Of course, we would all be in a ditch somewhere is we didn't have salt to spray over the icy roads in winter. NaCl is also an important part of the fluids used in oil drilling! The more you know about NaCl, the more you cant help but be impressed by it's many uses.

Physical Properties of Walt the Salt

Color: White

Appearance: Crystalline Solid

Soluability: Yes, NaCl is soluble in water

Chemical Properties of Walt the Salt

Melting Point: 808C

Density: 2.16g

Boiling Pont: 1465C

Molar Mass!

The molar mass of Walt the Salt and NaCl is 58.44g

Interesting Facts about Walt the Salt

  • Did you know that salt or NaCl is so important for your health that if you drink to much water and flush out all the salt from your body than it could cause fatal hyponatremia.
  • Did you know that in the Middle Ages salt was so expensive and valuable that it was known as "white gold".
  • Only 6% of the salt used in America goes into food; another 17% of salt goes for de-icing streets and highways in the winter months.
  • Sodium chloride is formed when unstable metal sodium reacts with chlorine gas. It is the only family of rocks that is eaten by humans.
  • Did you know that in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue - not primarily looking for gold and diamonds but for ...yes you guessed it...salt!!!

Materials for Constructing Walt the Salt

Constructing Walt the Salt

Walt the Salt Fully Constructed!