By Genevieve


Labradors are a large breed of dog weighing from 25kg-36kg. There are two types of Labs, there is the English and the American. The English Labs tend to be bred more medium sized and they are generally shorter and stockier with fuller faces. And the American Labs are taller with slightly longer noses. Labradors have short, straight hair and their tail is broad and strong.

Sliver Labrador

There are the three most common Labradors, Chocolate, Black and Gold. But there is also another type of Lab, the silver Labrador. They are the exact same as any other Lab besides their colour. the sliver Lab is a silverish colour.
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Labradors are a large breed of dog so therefore they eat a large quantity of food. It is suggested that you feed a Labrador dry kibble or raw bones. But you should never ever feed a Lab cooked bones because it could pierce or splinter their stomach.

Where Did Labs Originate?

Labradors originated in Newfoundland, which is a large island off the east coast of Canada.


Labs are a gentle, friendly, and family orientated breed of dog. They are easy to train and they enjoy a lot of company.
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