ELC Newsletter

March 7th, 2014

Safety Drill Scheduled

On Monday, March 10th, we will practice another Safety Drill at ELC. This will be the second one of the year. As we discussed in staff meetings, first there will be a state of Heightened Alert called. At this time, doors are locked, lights stay on, and instruction continues. Once we move into a Lockdown, the lights are off, staff and students move to a predetermined safe location. Students are quiet, and staff reports in their attendance to Mrs. Sales in the office. No one is to be walking in the hallways. The drill will be throughout the building and should take about 15 minutes.

Heating Coils

I have talked with Mr. Dave Mand about the heating coils in the Library, and in other classrooms. At this time, the plan is not to buy several heating coils, but rather to plan to install a wall mounted heating unit that would heat the rooms and also be removable if needed.

OASYS Artifacts

A handout with several ideas for types of artifacts you might choose to upload is in your mailboxes. It gives ideas for each of the six teacher standards. You might be able to use this on Wednesday afternoon, during Early Release.

Early Release

March 12th, 2014 is another Early Release. A buffet style Early Release is planned. Teachers can work in OASYS, in Curriculum Companion, on Technology Initiatives, or in other District Initiatives.

For the April Early Release, which is on April 9th, 2014, we are planning to have two meetings on the STAR assessments for Reading and Math. These are the assessments which may replace MAPS that we now utilize.

Upcoming Events

  • 3/12/14: Early Release
  • 3/13/14: Dress Rehearsal
  • 3/14/14: Kindergarten Spring Program
  • 3/20/14: Second 4K Informational Meeting
  • 3/27 and 3/28: No School Spring Break

My Out of Building Times

  • 3/10: 7;15 PST at FLC; 2:30 IEP at Elmwood; 3:45: Wellness Meeting in DMR
  • 3/11: 9:00 Admin
  • 3/12: 8:00 BAMS Special Ed. Dept. Meeting; 1:45 Early Release; 3:00 Meeting at HMHS;
  • 3/13: 7:00 4K Staff Meeting; 9:30 Kindergarten Dress Rehearsal
  • 3/14: 7:45 FLC Spec. Ed. Dept. Meeting; ELC most of the Day; 2:00 Kindergarten Program at HMHS

Summer School

Mr. Broten has sent out an email looking for proposals for teaching summer school. At this time, we are planning on having a Getting REady for 4K and a Getting Ready for Kindergarten class. The Getting Reading for 4K will run for 2 hours a day, during the first two summer school hours. The Getting Reading for Kindergarten will run for about 3 1/2 hours. All the classes will be held over at BAMS.