Anti-Injustice Club RHSS

Stand up against the rights and justice for Libya

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Welcome to our first Anti-injustice Club Rhss (The Info)

The country mourned in pain while the shameful leader Gadhafi showed brutal dictatorship in Libya. Previously, people of Libya took wrong choice in elections, the election did not bring any peace or equality for anyone, people started violating the law and stood against the anti-Injustice, but they were shot to death by Gadhafi and his force. In past, the Libyans were facing the brutal dictatorship of Gadhafi, who died in an attack by his own people, although 50,000 people died in six-month civil war while bringing down Gadhafi, and 4,000 are still missing. This is an international issue now, and for this issue we all have to be together to demolish the brutal act of our leaders.
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Rick Hansen's very own Anti-Injustice Club

I as a Canadian High school student have decided to make an Anti-Injustice group in my school to spread awareness by different activities and social debates, I believe this club will touch skies and stand out so that the good leaders will notice the acts around the world.

I realized now that just because of taking wrong decision in elections, it may lead to a war. I believe that Libya now wants a positive change, they all want freedom, peace and social rights. I as a student of Rick Hansen SS demand peace, justice and freedom for Libya and its citizens, no more injustice and brutal act, only humanitarian rights equally for everyone. We all will talk about this issue on every Friday, raise funds from our relatives and neighbors and donate that money through Secured organizations. Our goal is to raise awareness about the Injustice, violation and massacre of innocent people in Libya. Throughout the sessions, we will raise funds, spread pamphlets and spread awareness door to door in as many neighborhoods as we can to aware them about this global issue. Together we all can make a difference.

Rick Hansen's club for peace

Friday, Jan. 23rd, 5-7pm

1150 Dream Crest Rd

Mississauga, ON

Needs of Volunteers, sign up forms are available online on Rick Hansen website.

Activities (Every Friday)

5 pm: Students and Teachers will gather in room 201.

5:10 pm: A Social teacher of Libya will talk about the issue briefly.

5:30 pm: Routes will be given to students to collect funds.

6 pm: Bringing social justice speakers to talk about the global issue.

6:45 pm: Will go on roads peacefully to raise awareness and to get funds.

7:10 pm: Students will be asked to return to school.
7:15 pm: A break for drinks and snacks for students and volunteers.

7:45 pm: Funds will be counted and will be donated through international website every week.
7:55 pm: playing of the Nation Anthem of Libya.

8 pm: The meeting will be over and everyone will be allowed to go.