Abdul Aziz times


Oil continues to be a successful export

We continue to have a steady export of our main export and it seems it wont end anytime soon. We are currently sending out an average of 9 million barrels per day. Each on costs about $100 us dollars. The supply continues to keep rising though at about an extra 280,000 barrels per day.

Growing as a country

Saudi Arabia is the most rapid growing country in this region. We have a very rich country, we keep investing in our infrastructure, education sector, and our and modernizing the streets roads and airports. it was a very smart move on our part.

Womens roles today.

King Abdullah is a major role in pushing for womens rights. they currently still have to wear clothing that covers all their skin in public but they are pushing for more freedoms. They are not affered many opertunities in the job world and men make up most of the work force but they are trying to strive to a more equal work force.