The Coaching Connection - November

Monthly memo with strategies, tips and more!


This is the time of the year where it seems perpetually dark, we begin to feel the on-set of the "Hamster Wheel of Life" and are settling in with the monumental educational task that lays ahead. However, this month also ushers in the time for thankfulness and gratitude. Students who attend Lakeville Area Schools are so lucky to have so many wonderful, caring and committed teachers like all of you.

Instructional Strategies

6 Powerful Learning Strategies You MUST Share with Students

- Six science based strategies help students learn to study

Using a Jigsaw Activity To Help Every Student Engage in What They Are Reading

- While a jigsaw is not necessarily a new strategy, it is deemed by researchers of learning to be one of the most effective!

Give One, Get One

- An active engagement strategy to get students talking to one another based on a prompt or question.

First Turn - Last Turn

- A strategy for students to share ideas/new learnings based on what they just learned.

Text Rendering Protocol

- A great strategy for collaboration and discussion to identify sentences, phrases, and words for constructing meaning and summarizing learning.

Professional Readings

To Learn, Students Need to DO Something

In this article, Jennifer Gonzalez shares the importance of active engagement in class. Students need to move and DO in order to learn - not passively listen to information.

Teaching Digital Responsibility in the Age of Online Hate

A teacher's perspective on hate speech and toxic language.

TDE Tidbits

Where are you at with your TDE work and E-Folio?

It's November! So this means that you should.....

  • Complete your first observation with your IDSS coach or administrator.
  • Consider when you might schedule a time to observe a colleague (years 1 and 2 only).
  • With your PLC, use the data from common formative assessments to plan for students' intervention or enrichment.
  • Plan to administer a student engagement survey.
  • Keep your TDE E-Folio updated with your reflections in the areas that you have completed.

We are here to support you!

Elida Kane - Director of Secondary Teaching & Learning

Lana Rains - Secondary Math & Literacy Specialist

Alesia Arlandson - English Language Arts & Electives

Jennifer Burke - World Language, Social Studies, PE & Health

Dan Kulseth - Mathematics, Science & STEM

Carrie Popp - Special Education, Speech, Psychologists, ELL & Early Childhood

Doug Stanton - Nurses, SOS & Special Education Leads, TOSAs & TDE/QComp Coordinator