Folami Mack

About Me

Personal Bio

I am a hardworking leader with 2 years of experience in communications and technology, and abundant amount of volunteer hours under my belt. I am OSHA certified, an expert in Microsoft Word and Excel, and also bilingual. With a substantial number of awards for character and work ethic, I believe I’m a great candidate.

Recently I’ve returned from a studying abroad opportunity that took place in China. Because of that experience alone, I’ve improved my Chinese, improved my ability to adapt, and became even more open-minded. Also, I’ve got awards during my school career for things such as “Most Congenial’ and “Great Citizenship”

I’m known by my coworkers as hard-working and an out-going person. I like to maintain an environment that’s fun yet productive.

I’m currently a high school student who’s also taking college classes in order for me to gain my High School diploma and Associates Degree in art all in one.

I’m looking for job opportunities that deal with communications and merchandising.

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