Oregon Trip

Jaron Beltram

Beep beep! I woke up, so excited for the day that was yet to come! Except,we haven't packed yet. "Oh no,a big day of packing,here i come!". So for that whole day we packed and packed and packed,until finally it was done. Now all that was left was to go to sleep,and wake up.

My excitement woke me up. I also couldn't go to sleep that night. But i managed to anyway. As my excitement woke me up,i realized we had a long drive ahead of us,(It took 4 days by car!!!!) So we started to drive,we stopped at Amarillo to have some dinner. We got to watch someone eat a 72 ounce steak with salad and bread. And he had to eat it in 1 hour!!!! After we left,we ran into a storm. The storm was so bad that it produced a tornado! As the sirens start screaming out,phones start beeping,lightning starts flashing,siblings start screaming. That night was scary.I had trouble falling asleep that night.

Finally,we were there. 72 hours of being cramped in a car,we were finally there. I thought to myself, "Thank god we are here,i cannot stand another day in that car." My back hurt from my lack of movement from that drive. As i got out of the car,my cousins ran up to meet and greet me. I've never met them before. That was the happiest moment of my so far life. That night all of us got to go to this restaurant that had really good soups and steaks. By far the best i've ever had.

As the morning sun came up,i got up. That day we had to go to my aunts wedding.She got married to this man that was really nice to all of us. He was very joyful and very likable.After that marriage, we all went out to eat.That night we all just hung out and watched Netflix. When it was time, they all went home and my family went to bed.

We had to spend the night at my Bio-Grand mother's house. (My mom was adopted at birth. We went to Oregon to meet her REAL family. She recently has found her mother.) Her house was some what cold. She had no heater but a furnace. That night,we all sleep like sardines packed together. We sadly had to leave that day. So i hugged my cousins good bye,And left