The Great Sport of Football

By Scott Yanover

Do you see kids out there on the field having the time of their lives? That is the game of football. Youth football leagues are important because they help develop friendships and they teach discipline.

Football teaches children to strive for their best and persevere through conflicts. When kids play sports they tend to do better in school because they will try their hardest in football and will learn to do that in school. "A report conducted in June of 2012 by the Los Angles Unified School District showed the 35,000 athletes in the school district attend an average of 21 more school days per year then their counterparts, while they also sported GPAs some .55 to .74 points higher than non athletes." (McCample). Football also helps motivate kids who are shy and do not have a lot of friends. It helps them feel good about themselves. In football you also learn how to work with teammates. In "Winning Youth Football" it states the following," I've seen very shy and introverted young boys blossom as they develop confidence in themselves, bond with teammates and become a part of a growing entity that is bigger then themselves, their team."
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Football also teaches kids how to control emotions. They learn how to control themselves if somethings happens, like if they get upset about something. In "Winning Youth Football" it states the following "Games, even practices can be an emotional roller coaster. Players learn how to control their emotions so they can play under the rules of the game." Football also teaches kids discipline. They learn discipline and how to use it in society. "The passion evoked by football is as timeless as its values of sacrifice and discipline standing forever firm regardless of society swings."(Alic). Youth football is a game of emotions and discipline.


Football seems to shape peer relationships and helps solve problems with enemies. Kids who do not like each other can bond and even become friends. "I've seen very different kids who come into camp as enemies and end up developing respect for each other and even end up becoming friends."(Winning Youth Football). Through football you can make a lot of friends and you get to meet a lot of new people, a lot of people you probably did not know. "Winning Youth Football" states, "There are children who can use football as a way to grow as individuals in developing friendships and other lifelong relationships."
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Yes, football has dangers with concussions and health issues. Yes people get hurt. But the benefits of football totally outweigh the health risks. Football helps kids make friends and bond with others. It also teaches them discipline, how to control their emotions and much more. Do you really want your kids sitting down on the couch playing video games or do you want them to have a great time playing football? I think the answer is clear that football is the best way to have fun .
Youth football helps kids makes friends and it teaches them the importance of discipline. It is important to make our kids healthy. Too many kids are overweight and they need the exercise. We can make football safer so everyone can play. Let our kids play football.