What is a Barbiturate?

A barbiturate is a depressant that helps with relaxation and sleep. Can overdose if accidentally or intentionally take more than normal recommended amount of this medication.
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How is the Drug Taken?

In most cases are swallowed but can be injected which is very dangerous.

Slang Terms

Barbs, barbies, blues, bluebirds, tooties, yellow jackets, goofballs, 'ludes, 714s, downers, and last luminal.

How do Barbiturates Effect the Body?

Long Term:

  • coma, overdose, death
  • depression
  • difficulty breathing
  • problems sleeping
  • cravings
  • panic or anxiety
  • weakness
  • nausea
  • agitation
  • high body temp
  • hallucinations
  • weight gain

Short Term:

  • Brain function slows down
  • fever
  • slurred speech
  • fatigue
  • confusion
  • poor concentration
  • depression
  • disoriented
  • lower blood pressure
  • sluggish

Signs of Abuse/Addiction

Some signs of the abuse/ addiction to barbiturates is cravings, panic or anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, weight gain, and hallucinations.