Where does Halloween come from?

Nicki Schmidt

The very beginning

Halloween started 2,000 years ago, with the Celtic people. October 31 marked the "new year," a time when summer and the harvest were over.

Why is Halloween about spooky, creepy things?

Summer was over and it was the beginning of a dark, cold winter. They associated this time of year with human deaths. The Celtic people believed that on October 31, the first day of the season of death, that ghosts came back from the dead, damaging crops and making it easier for priest to predict the future.

History of Halloween in the US

In the beginning, Halloween was mostly celebrated in New England because of their protestant beliefs. Later, Irish immigrants came over, spreading Halloween even more. Americans later started going to going door to door asking for candy, which is now known as trick or treating.

Halloween in America today

Today, the average family spends $93.42 on Halloween. The whole country annually spends about $2,330,000,000 on candy and $2,330,000,000 on costumes for kids. Although not only kids enjoy Halloween, every year in America $1,550,000,000 is spent on costumes for adults, that's more money that what is spend on children costumes