Zoco Comidero

by; Jayla Miles

Why Go Here?

Rarely do you come across a restaurant with this much respect for food. The concept flexitarian, its primarily a vegetarian diet which occasionally includes meat or fish. In other words there’s something for everyone. Even if this is not a diet you follow its fun to see how and what locals eat

Dinner And A Show

The restaurant has an elegant interior with low lighting, good music and a bonus view of the palace. There’s also a fun downstairs lounge which gets going on weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday there is a bit of live music from 10:30 pm onwards so stick around after dinner for some good bands.

Address; Calle Moreria 11

New Flavors

This place is a good way to try new foods and flavors while getting lots of energy for the rest of your day exploring Madrid!! I hope this restaurant sparked your interest, go try something new and have fun!!