Erin Pinkham

For Texas State Representative

Your local visionary

Why Erin is running

Erin Pinkham wants to be your Texas State Representative to help better the communities in Texas through her liberal views and inspiring ideas.

Erin Cares:

Her stances:

Education: To equalize the state funding for education, and better fund schools.

Abortion: Pro-choice

Environmental Protection: To fund enviromental protect and lessen construction projects.

Healthcare: To vote towards free Healthcare

Balanced income: Balance the income in households.

Donate to Erin's campaign funding of $7,000


The average person in denton, is a white, 33 year old, female who is a homeowner and lives with one other person.

With 64.4% being white, 18.2% being hispanic, 8.2% being black, and 6.4% being asian

the median age being 33 years

32.5% of the population are male, and 67.5% are female.

The average household size is 2 people.

The majority being republican, about 65%

And most are not living in poverty, only 9.2% of the population live in poverty.


People will relate to her since she is white, and she has a familiar name, that can be recognized. Since she is in the majority of denton county, being female, she might get more votes from female voters.

Likelihood of winning

Last election, the state representative ran without an opponent, meaning that it is less likely that she will be more likely to win, but the fact that she is running democrats so that night make her lose a lot of votes, the best case scenario is that we run unopposed and we win, or we run against the current state representattive and will get 40% of the vote, and maybe win.

Requirements to Run for State Representative

Be the at least 21 years old, citizen of Texas for 2 years, and resident of the district you plan on running for.