Shrine at Ise, Japan

Grand Shrine Ise

Shrine at Ise

The shrine is surrounded by giants and dense forests of Clypfomeria trees. The Shrine at Ise is made up of two shrines. Imperial and na'iku, They are both made of wood. Every twenty years it is taken down and rebuilt in a different location. To show that there was a shrine there they leave a small wooden hut in the center of where the old shrine was before.

The Grand Shrine Ise

Is sacred to the Japanese due to the fact that the forests are made up of Cypless trees. The shrine was founded in 4 BCE but historians believe that it was made in the 3rd century AD. The chambers inside the shrine are held up by timber piles analogous to the center of the central post.

Why the shrine at Ise is important to the shinto

The shrine is used to worship gods. People also go to it on holidays such as; new year, the setsubun, abd the ghicihigosan.