Problems with Classroom Technology

Problems and their Solutions

Problems with Technology use in the Classroom and Solutions

What are the potential problems we may face by using technology in the classroom?

What reasonable norms could prevent those from occurring in our class?

1 Problem: Inappropriate websites; Solution: Blockers

2 Problem: Texting; Solution: Rules/putting away

3 Problem: Distracting; Solution: Putting away/clam shell it

4 Problem: Cyberbullying; Solution: Having better characteristics/personality/reporting behavior

5 Problem: Causes Drama; Solution: Mind your own business/take care of your problems instead of other people’s

6 Problem: Not taught how to use certain websites correctly; Solution: Better teaching practices

7 Problem: Putting pictures/images out that shouldn't be out there; Solution:Teach what to share and not to share

8 Problem: Not monitored enough; Solution: Better classroom management

9 Problem: Radiation of cellphones; Solution: Limit amount of time on devices/educate others

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Overview of Flyer

This Flyer was created as a result of my ninth grade homeroom. My students put forth their efforts and knowledge in a pair share activity and I thought it was a good list of ideas so I combined them to share to all.