West Central Middle School

8th Grade Weekly Newsletter

Upcoming Events

9/17-Band @Worthington

9/17-9th VB @ Tri-Valley

9/17-Soccer vs. SF O'Gorman @ Yankton Trail Park

9/19-Boys' Golf at The Bluffs

9/19-XC at Alcester-Hudson

9/19-K-8 Carnival and Trojan Reading Bowl 5:00 - 6:30 pm; 7:00 - 8:00 pm

9/20-Boys' Golf JV Conference Trn @ Lenkota CC

9/20-MSVB @ Madison

9/20-VB @ Dakota Valley

9/20-Soccer @ SFC

9/21-1:30 Dismissal-Staff Development

9/22-Boys' Golf vs. SF O'Gorman

9/22-MSVB at Harrisburg

9/22-VB vs. Lennox

Mr. Caffrey - Science

This week in Earth Science we will focus on the following:

-Branches of Earth Science

-Scientific Method

-Use of Models in Science

-Safety in Science

*Ch. 1 Test - They do have a study guide

We will also begin Ch. 2

-Earth's Surface

-Modeling Earth's Surface

-Topographic Maps

-Using Satellites and Computers

*Students should be starting the process of picking a challenging idea for science fair.

*Please check out the on-line textbook at ck12.org.



Mr. Lanham - Math

8th Grade Math - We are currently working in the "Thinking With Mathematical Models" book. Each student has checked a book out from me and homework assignments will be given daily.

Algebra - We took our first quiz this week and will continue into Chapter 2. I think we have figured out MathXL and things are running smoothly.



Mr. Nielsen - Language Arts

This past week in Language Arts, we focused on the meaning and uses of Personification. The students also were able to learn more of the German language in conjunction with an extra credit opportunity. Next week, we will take a look at what Idioms and Hyperboles as well as how to identify/use these within our writing. I would also like to attempt a Jigsaw Activity with the students. In this activity, the students get the opportunity to play the role of teacher.



Mrs. Peters - Reading

In reading we looked at the many positive reasons for reading and how it will benefit students now and in the future. Ask your son or daughter what their top three reasons are. Each 8th grader should now have a book to read for their enjoyment. Please help your son or daughter to find 10 - 20 minutes everyday to read independently. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.



Mr. Preisler - American History

This coming week in American History we will wrap up our first Hyperdocs which analyzed the events before, during and after the French and Indian War. We will then start to discuss how Britain planned to pay for the war, and the reactions that were received by the American colonists. This will include an analysis on acts and taxes like the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Townsend Acts, and many more. We will also look at events like the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea, and how they fueled the tensions between the British government and American Colonists. Finally, we will talk about the Sons of Liberty, and decide what type of organization they really were during the 1760s & 1770s. Have a great weekend!