Monday Memo

Week of May 9


Only 24 more days left of school! Please keep the momentum going - we can do it!! Please keep up with your end of the year checklist and classroom inventory. Third grade will be out on Wednesday at LEGOLAND! Enjoy your trip! Please check with Nurse Lynne for any students with medication. Thursday our music teachers will be at the Fine Arts Festival- no music classes on Thursday. Friday our safety patrols will be at their annual picnic.

Check this week's specials testing schedule. Be on time dropping your class off and picking them up.

End of Year Science tests:

Grade 3 - Thursday, May 19- small groups will be pulled as needed

Grade 4 - Friday, May 20 - small groups will be pulled as needed

These tests are secure and will need to be signed out from me in the morning and returned to me after testing. I will be the one to scan into School City.

Important Dates

5/9 Midterm - send progress alerts home

5/10 Lara out 1/2 day

5th grade More Health - 2nd group - see email sent out last week

5/11 3rd grade field trip to Legoland

5/16 Lara out all day Area 3 meeting

5/13 Patrol Picnic

5/17 Full Faculty meeting

5/18 5th grade wax museum

5/20 5th grade to Busch Gardens

5/23 Battle of the Books competition

5/25 Lara out all day - AP meeting

5/30 No school :)

5/31 EELP graduation LC

6/1 PreK Graduation LC

6/2 Field day

6/3 Field day 3-5

6/7 ESY and portfolios due to Area 3 office

6/8 5th grade banquet

6/9 5th grade kickball game

6/10 Last day of school for the students!