Kimberly Martinez

Sixth Hour

Hobbies and Activities

Listening to Music, Reading, Track, Cooking, and watch sports on TV

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I've been to a few schools. The schools I've been at are; Chase, Hutchinson, and Buhler. I really would like to go to Harvard University.

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My family is a really important part in my life. I live with my two grandparents from my mom side and my little brother. I also have 4 older half siblings and 1 younger full blooded sibling and another half sibling who is younger. Chris (34), Martin (33), Crystal (30), Maria (28), Pablo (11), Conner (8).

Concerns and Other Important Information

Allergies: Coconuts, Pears

I also have Asthma

Contact Information

Grandmother: (620)- 899- 8511

Grandfather: (620)- 899- 8458