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Kyle Guidry

Spiny Dogfish

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Labelled Anatomical Items

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Anatomical Items

  • First Dorsal Fin
  • Second Dorsal Fin
  • Caudal Fin
  • Pelvic Fin
  • Pectoral Fin
  • Gill Slits
  • Snout
  • Claspers
  • Lateral Line


Heart- pumps blood through the shark's body.

Gills- helps the shark breathe.

Gallbladder- bile is stored here.

Kidney- produces bile.

Liver- store all fatty reserves and energy.

Pancreas- it produces digestive enzymes to help break down fats and carbs in the stomach.

Small Intestine-absorbs minerals and nutrients.

Large Intestine- absorbs water from the digested food in the stomach.

Stomach- turns food into chyme after being broken down.

Esophagus- tube that brings food to the stomach.

Rectum- where feces are stored before they are disposed.

Lateral Line- helps the shark define the water pressure.

Claspers- mating.

Spiny Dogfish Classification

  • Kingdom- Animal
  • Phylum- Chordate
  • Class- Chondrichthyes
  • Order- Squaliformes
  • Family- Squalidae
  • Genus- Squalus
  • Species- Acanthias

Lifespan of Spiny Dogfish

The lifespan of a spiny dogfish shark can range from 25-100 years

Habitat of Spiny Dogfish

Spiny dogfish are can be found in mainly cold and temperate oceans with temperatures between 0 and 15 degrees C.