Canada brochure

Isabella Flores

Banff, Canada

Day 1//

Stay at Banff international hotel only 95$ per night located on 333 Banff ave. Includes free WiFi, coffeemakers, mini fridges, and free underground heated parking.

Gondola ride in Banff Canada


Go to the gondola and travel up Sulfur Mountain for a bird's eye view (2,281m) . Just 5 minutes away from the town of Banff. The cost is 19.95 for kids and 39.95, and free for kids under 5. You will be safely seated in 4 passenger gondola cabins.

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Chinook Rafting


Go Chinook rafting located on 215 Banff avenue for a cost of 70 dollars. This trip is included with guiders that are very experienced and over 30 dollars.

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Bow Falls


Go to Bow Falls a major waterfall on Bow River located in Banff Canada. Travel along the Bow Falls trail and find benches to sit and have lunch.

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Tunnel mountain trail


Hike to the top of Banff's smallest summit. When you reach the top you will experience a Beautiful view of the town of Banff Canada and the surrounding mountains.

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Go to mount Norquay in Banff Canada where you can ski, go tubing, sightseeing, and have private lessons. The price for tubing is 25$ for children and 30$ for an adult. The price for private lessons is 149 for a hour.

Canada's Wonderland


Go to Canada's best theme park located on 9580 Jane St. It costs 40$ for a day pass. You will have an amazing time with you and your family with the rides. There are locations where you can also enjoy hamburgers, french fires, chicken strips etc.