North and South Times

Textile Manufacturing

Textile Manufacturing Comes to America

First the textile industry is in Britain then somehow Samuel Slater gets it to America. Since the textile industry is here, in America, the price of cloths drops greatly from the huge price Americans were paying for imported cloths from Britain. Now the cloths are being produced in America, so the cloths are not being taxed. This is all thanks to Samuel Slater.Samuel told us how he got the plans over to America. He was a worker at a textile machinery mill in Britain. So he worked there just long enough so he could memorize the blueprints. Once he had the blueprints memorized he quit his job and became a farmer. Soon enough no one knew who he was anymore, so now he was free to leave the country, with the blueprints still memorized. Samuel then came to America to share the blueprints and create the textile machinery in America. He knew he had to approach someone already in the textile business. So he sent a letter to Moses Brown, saying that he could improve the way his textiles were made. Brown had one of his workers test Samuel in basic machinery, Slater aced it. Brown's son, Smith Brown and William Almy created a partnership with Samuel. Their first mill was in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, It was a success, Slater's machines had worked. Samuel then decided to make his own company, so he broke off and did in 1798. By the time of Samuel Slater's death he owned all or part of thirteen textile mills.
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