ABC's Preventing Bulling

By: Kyra Kubehl

Act for the good of others

Be a friend not a bully

Courage, earn yourself some when you stand up

Don't be a bully or a bystander, it hurts others

Effort is something that you should give to help someone that's being bullied

Find help for the bully, to help them find a way to stop.

Get into action and help

Help others by not being a bully

Ignore them it might make them stop

Just be friends to someone, a friend counts when you being bullied.

Know what a bully is and the consequences before you become one

Learn how to prevent being a bully and how to stop them

Make friends with someone being bullied not with the bully

Notice bullying and report it

Offer help to the victim

People can be mean but you can be nice

Quit being a bully, it means one less bully to worry about

Refuse to be a bully by being a friend

Stand up, and speak up for others

Two is better than one when you're being bullied, so stand up.

Understand that everyone is different

Victims need friends and help so help them by being a friend and standing up

We can stand together to prevent bullying

X-bully, means that you chose not to be a bully anymore, if you're a bully become an X-bully

Yes to friend but then say no to being a bully

Zero words that could hurt someone