David Starczak

Who has the right to vote?

Anyone with a citizenship who is over 18+ can vote

The importance of voting and why it makes a difference

The importance for voting is that who votes has a powerful effect on public policy and government. The voters have policy and political problems and whether the direction of an issue or priorities of public budgets. You won’t be heard if you don’t vote. Mostly seniors are voting and the moment, so politicians aim things at them. If many students voted then politicians would aim more things at them. I would make a huge difference in the future of the governments.

The actual steps one takes to vote on election day (when, where, how?)

The voting takes place every 4 years in the 3rd Monday of October for federal elections and every 4 years for the municipal and Mayoral elections. The Actual Steps One Takes To Vote Step 1: Register to vote Step 2: Go to your polling place on election day. An election official will check to see if your on the list of registered voters and you will have to sign the list. Then you will get a ballot. Step 3: Vote for who you choose. The officer will show you how to mark the ballot and put it in the ballot box.