Dance Instructor

Combining my two main passions, dancing and teaching


I am very passionate about two things; teaching children and dancing. Combining the two would be the best both worlds. Working as a dance instructor would not feel like a job at all.
What it takes to be a dancer

What would I do?

I would share my passion for dancing with younger children. For the younger dancers, what I teach would not be so much about learning choreography, but more about gaining confidence and structure.

How Do I Envision This Career Getting Started?

I have danced since I was three, so I know enough to teach younger dancers. I would first hire other dance instructors so that we could offer multiple styles of dances and allow multiple ages of dancers. Then, together we would buy a studio space. Once the studio is bought and equipped with a fresh paint job, a new stereo, ballet bars mounted to the walls, and anything else we find necessary, we would spread the word and recruit dancers.

What Would I Need to get Started?

I would need an available studio space, three to five other instructors who share a passion for dancing and children, ballet bars, a stereo, and most importantly, dancers!

Who Would be my Market?

The parents of the dancers, or possibly the dancers themselves, would pay me and my fellow dance instructors for our classes.

My Inspirations

These women gave me confidence in myself, as well as a passion for dancing.