LMS Room 106

Reading Classroom for grades 6,7,and 8

Week in Review 11/10 - 11/14 *6th Grade*

We continued to work with prior knowledge this week. Did you know that toothbrushes make great earrings? Or did you know you can wear a toilet seat? Weird, right?!?!?! Ask your child about prior knowledge for the book Motel of Mysteries.

Next week it's more prior knowledge and we'll add in prediction skills. If you're thinking, "my child has already studied these ideas," you're right. The discipline of reading is one where the skills stay much the same from year to year,but the depth of study and the broadening of the concepts change.

Week in Review 11/10-11/14 *8th Grade*

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton will be our focus for the next few weeks. It's an old book, so some of you parents will be able to add your own memories of the novel to your family discussions. On Monday (11/17) there will be a quick quiz on chapters 1 - 5. As I said last week, I would prefer the students not watch the movie until after we're done reading the book.

I have book order forms for the 7th & 8th graders. Considering that some of my students might be in need of Christmas gifts, these order forms might come in handy. One of the forms has books for younger readers. That's a good idea for presents going to little brothers and sisters from big sisters or big brothers.Money and forms are due on Wednesday (19th).


Thank you, thank you, thank you to the folks who came to conferences. Whether or not we have big issues to discuss, I appreciate your willingness to stop by so I can put a face to a family. For some of you this is our third year of meeting and it's great to see what changes have occurred in our years together. Education is one of those family matters that takes ALL of us to provide opportunities for children to be successful. The more input we have together, the more we can ensure expectations are being met. For those of you who had schedule conflicts, please contact me via phone or e-mail and we'll find an alternate date to meet. Better late than never works in this situation! :)

If you were here on Thursday night and attended the literacy fair in the library, I would love to hear your impressions of the event. It was our first try at a literacy fair and we can tweak things for next year if you have compliments or suggestions.

I hope you went to the Reading Roost. Isn't it great?! The comfort and easy access to books makes it a welcoming room for many of our students. It will only get better as our new grant is awarded. Yahoo!

Mark Your Calendars

Nov. 19 - 7th & 8th grade book order forms and money due
Nov. 26th - early release
Nov. 27th & 27th - Thanksgiving break


Our Featured Reader is ???

Stay tuned, we'll have someone to chat about next week.

Communication Avenues

Phone - 723-6425 ext. 240, there is a voice mail option
E-mail - zabell@lancastersd.k12.wi.us


There are many resources to be used for success at LMS.

If you need a calendar of today's homework, try the Remind site or the school's website.

If you would like to see books,the LMS library catalog is on the school's website under the student tab. The Schreiner Memorial Library (Lancaster's public library) has a website that gives lots of information on their collection, the Southwest Wisconsin Library System collection, the library hours & events and a link to Overdrive for the online collection.

If you need to contact a LMS staff member, look in the staff directory of the school's website.


As part of my attempt to use more technology and to add another way to give an opportunity for student success, I have joined other staff members in using the website Remind. It will give you the homework for the day on your phone or computer. Each student was given a handout with the ways to log on to my page of the Remind website.

Option #1 - Download the Remind app. (it's free) Enter class code @1addd for 8th grade students. Enter @02507 for 6th grade students.

Option #2 - Use this link: www.remind.com

Option #2 - phone number 510-292-4948 then the 8th grade class code is @1addd and the 6th grade code is @02507

I would appreciate feedback on your use with the Remind site.

Read Alouds

6th Grade = Z-Rex by Steve Cole

8th Grade = Zach's Lie by Roland Smith