Curiosity Rover

By Sam Petty .1

What is a rover

the mars curiosity doer is like a toy remote controll car that is 10 feet tall and to is on mars. many people know about it and watched it land in 2006 .

How did it land

Before they had launched a rover to mars they had to make sure in would stay on mars so they launched a microwave oven up there to test it. After it worked they built the rover and put it on a shuttle to mars. When it got there they started to lower it with a claw but the string was to short so they dropped it and the main thrusters came on like rockets so it could get closer. After it was almost out of flue it dropped it one last time but the thrusters De attached it deployed a parachute and safely made it to the surface.

Hear are some pics of the rover

It is over 10 feet tall

Hear are some cool thing that are on the rover.

Rover has many things and gadgets on it, this includes a camera so we can see what it can see and a zoom in feature, a laser to destroy rocks, a scanner to see where old water that is now frozen on mars, a light so it can see at night, arms to pick up rocks, a drill to find things deeper, a scoop to move rocks, and a removable camera so it can see far away.

the end hear is the bib and videos. writer- sam| editor- sam| special thanks to- sam

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