vcr 10

MIka Tuzon


Young adult novels today are often set during a zombie                     , in which the world is in dismal condition.


annihilation, cataclysm, devastation, catastrophe


benefit, miracle, blessing, success


n. 1. a prophetic disclosure or revelation, especially concerning a universal cataclysm. 2. any widespread destructionRoots: APO "away from", kalyptein "to cover or conceal"

Choose the sentence in which the word is used incorrectly.

A. The beginning of the Earth was an apocalypse, in which the planet was produced from the elements of the universe.B. GIna felt apocalyptic after winning her first swim meet.C. Sunday night is when Brandon stops everything to watch "The Walking Dead", a show about the decimation of the Earth during a zombie apocalypse.D. Greek mythology often highlights the apocalyptic battles between the gods.