Mrs. Hepburn's Class Newsletter

November 11th-15th, 2013

Upcoming News

There are exciting happenings taking place over the next couple of weeks at Castlio. First we have the Veteran's Day Pancake celebration on Monday, November 11th from 5:00-7:00. The Turkey Teacher drive taking place the week of the 18th. For the Turkey Teacher Drive students bring in .50 to purchase a turkey feather for our class turkey, multiple feathers can be purchased. The money raised from this event is donated to the Toys for Tots campaign in honor of a fallen marine who was a former Castlio student. Finally, November will end with a short week prior to Thanksgiving.

Common Core 2nd Grade

Phonics for the week: Vowel Team: wa

water, watch, swan, wasp, swab, firewall, swallow, swamp, want, swaddle, wander, wanted, waddle, watts, waken

Vocabulary Words:

product: something that is sold

geography: the physical characteristics, especially the surface features of an area

landmark: an object that marks the boundary or location of something

Students will:

  • describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges using: A Dog's Life, There's a Map on My Lap, Follow that Map
  • use various text features to locate key facts or information efficiently
  • construct a map with a title and key
  • research and write an informative piece about continents
  • identify and locate the world's seven continents and four oceans; identify and describe physical characterstics in the world (landforms, bodies of water, etc)

3rd Grade Common Core

Phonics for the week: multisyllabic words that contain prefixes re- and un; learn the meaning of these prefixes and how they change the meaning of the base word.

unsaid, unknowingly, unclogged, recall, remove, unable, reorder, restored, unwilling, rejoin, reminded, reacting, reelect, unlikely, reuse, unrelenting, unacceptable, reiterate, unbearable, replenish

Vocabulary Words:

organism: a form of life like an animal, plant or fungus

pollute-to make unclean or dirty, especially with harmful chemical or waste products

In class students will:

  • determine cause and effect of natural disasters on ecosystems
  • reserach plants/animals and their adaptations
  • write an informative text examining various ecosystems
  • revise ecosystem essay by adding science terms
  • write an argumentative piece about natural disasters and ecosystems

2nd Grade Math

  • Students will:
    • compare three digit numbers
    • write three digit numbers
    • order three digit numbers

    3rd Grade Math

    Students will:

    • review the concept of Multiplication
    • find "turnaround" facts
    • explore factors
    • explore one as a factor
    • explore zero as a factor
    • define: factor, product, multiplication, array, column, row