Tangerine times update

What's Happen

  • Away game for the Tangerine War Eagles soccer team against Palmetto MS

  • Football season starts September 23

  • First Football game of the season is against the Cypress bay Cardinals

  • VIP seating available at the football game

  • Sinkhole at Lake Windsor middle

  • Middle School times change to fit in all the students after the sink hole

  • Muck fire still burning

  • One student dies after a lighting strike at Windsor high

  • Ax Man at fair cut in half by rampaging kids

  • A new football star at Windsor high by the name of Erik Fisher

Erik Vs. Paul

We have interviewed two of the new comers to this town Erik and Paul Fisher they are brothers but are very different in many ways.

First, Erik and Paul have very different relationship with their parents Erik is loved and admired by his parents because of his football talent. Paul is generally ignored by his parents because of his lack of athletic football talent.

Next, Erik and Paul have very different talents and strengths. Erik is good at football and kicking a ball and Paul is good at being goalie in soccer and defending the goal.

Last, Erik and Paul have different personalities. Erik is tough and mean to everyone in his way. Paul is nice and kind and tries his best.

Daster strikes

Very recently a student at Windsor High died a tragic death of a lightning strike

“He was standing there in the end zone. He had one hand on the goal post, leaning on it and kaboom! There was a crack and a flash and he want flying through the air.” said Erik Fisher a player on the football team and practicing at the time of Mike’s death.

“He was died before he hit the ground. His whole left side of his hair was burned off. Everyone went nuts people started CPR and used an AED but he died before he hit the ground.” Erik told us.

The community wants to do something in honor of this player we do not have clear reports yet but we are positive that it is big.

MOYA Close-up

As you probably already know October is the month of young adelsants of MOYA for short in honor of this time we stated 3 issues that young teens could be going though.

First, is sibling rivalry we all had this with brothers and sisters. This is in every family that has more than one child. It is caused by divided attention by the parents even though the parents are good at dividing up there attention. The effect can be fights, or verbal abuse.

Next, not fitting in is a biggy. Many young people are trying to fit in because they feel that they need to have friends and to have friends they change who they are.

Last, are parents ignoring their kids because they are untalented or have a “better” sibling. The effect of this can be the kid changes who they are and/or does anything for attention even bad things.

Parents can help this by not favoring their young and making them feel unimportant. With this advice we can make the world a better place for youths.

Service project

This Saturday at the local church is the Great Day of Service. Not just any Great day of Service. Sister Mary Margaret has decreed that this day will be in Mike Costello’s honor. “Just bring your selves we supply tools and snacks.” says Sister Mary Margaret “We will go to a local old folks home and build a garden there. The time is from 2 to 4 and we meet at the church and come back there for pick up.”