Get Ready for 7th & 8th Grade!

August 7, 2019

Ten Things!

  1. Sign Up for Infinite Campus
  2. Complete Your Volunteer Registration
  3. Mark Your Calendar for Important Dates
  4. This is the year that you need to start to have a conversation about high school. If you have a 7th graders you need to think about how much rigor is good for the in 8th grade and to talk about some of the high school offerings at the middle school. If have an 8th grader, now is the time to start bringing them to the high school.
  5. 8th grade carpool rules
  6. Check-in Check-out - Notes and leaving class
  7. GrowthMind-set - Time for your child to advocate, and to own learning. Student-Led Data Talks & Don't Stop Achieving Night (CTAE Pathways) - ITBS TEsting
  8. Join a Club - Get Involved
  9. Have your student join PTSA and be part round-table talks & Join a Club
  10. We want your family involved. Please donate to the PTSA Team Up with the Titans. Come to your children's events. We want to see our families in the school, it's important to your child.