September 23rd PD Extravaganza

Below you will see the schedule/plan for the day

Why PD is so important..........

High-quality professional development is usually teacher centered, is sustained, and is embedded in the daily work of teachers. There is simply no substitute for finding time during the day for educators to collaborate, apply new ideas, and share their learning. Evidence shows that effective professional development needs to be seen as a regular, on-going part of school life. Training needs to be accompanied by coaching during the school day, and educators need to have opportunities to share experiences and learn from each other. Professional development can take many forms: not all lectures are bad, and not all classroom coaching sessions are good. The most important consideration in deciding how to structure a particular element of professional development is the goal associated with the professional development experience. Just as with good classroom instruction, the form of the lesson should always be derived from the goals associated with it. When structuring professional development, it is critical to do so on the basis of what educators should learn. From that point, planners can work backwards, asking how the desired learning relates to school goals, defining the intended outcomes, deciding what evidence will measure those outcomes, and then planning a professional development experience to meet the intended goals.

Learning Targets for the Day:

1. To understand what other PLC's SMART goals are through collaborative small groups, and how they relate to the overall learning process.

2. Teachers will enhance classroom instruction by choosing two sessions that are most relevant to their professional growth.

Agenda for the day

7:30-8:15: Breakfast will be available in the lobby outside the IMC.

8:15-9:30: Wake up Activity- Martha M. will share some information-Identify K-Pride monthly winners.

SMART goal sharing in the IMC- We will break up into small groups to share, no formal presentations will occur.

9:30-9:40: Break

9:45-11:50: EdCamp Options- (Session 1 will be from 9:45-10:40 and Session 2 will be from 10:55-11:50) During this two hour mini-edcamp you will be able to choose 2 of the four sessions to attend. Figure out what interests you and where you need to grow as a teacher. Please sign up for two sessions on the google doc. provided here.

Option 1: Chromebook 101 with Natalie Ulloa- She will walk you through the best way to use/utilize the Chromebook. She will go over protocol sheets, signing up to use,logging in, getting students started along with other items. Location- High School IMC

Option 2: GRR Folder/Digging Deeper- Heather Davis will facilitate some more work with the folder we created at the beginning of the year. Lesson planning ,figuring out ways to incorporate productive group work, and engagement strategies will be the focus. Location - Room 239

Option 3: Google Classroom for Dummies- K12 Launch specialist Mary Beth Kreml will walk you through setting up a classroom and finding ways to best utilize it. Location- Computer lab off of the HS IMC

Option 4: MAP Testing Data and Reports - Corey St. John and Brad McCloskey will help facilitate this open discussion forum on using MAP data to inform instruction and monitor growth - MS Computer Lab

11:50-1:00 Lunch on your own.

1:00-3:30- This will be your time individually to continue working on one of the areas above. Before you leave for the day you will need to complete a reflection form that will be sent out after lunch on the 23rd. Responses will be recorded and Heather and I will look over these as we look to plan upcoming learning opportunities.

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