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Students master the Common Core in a positive environment!

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Classroom Management is MOST Important!

A meta-analysis of 30 YEARS of research has shown that classroom management is the
MOST important variable for building and sustaining a high-achieving classroom!

(based on research by Margaret Wang, Geneva Haertel, and Herbert Walberg)


Hoover Middle School

Saturday, May 31st, 8:30-10:30am

8810 Postoak Rd

Rockville, MD

364 teachers attended a recent training!


Learn the most effective research-proven techniques to:

  • Build and maintain strong student-teacher relationships.
  • Teach students how to behave appropriately in class and in school social settings.
  • Create a calm, positive, and effective classroom environment.

  • Establish a culture of respect and rapport.
  • Teach students how to use their time effectively and listen attentively.
  • Energize apathetic students and have them working as never before.

  • Support unmotivated students and rekindle their passion to succeed.
  • Arrange the classroom for maximum achievement.
  • Maintain self-control and composure in all situations.

  • Predict and avert problem situations before they surface.
  • Take the right course of action when challenged.
  • Incorporate music, lighting, color, and scents to improve learning and behavior.

  • Maximize instructional time.
  • Decrease discipline challenges and focus on teaching.
  • Empower students to learn appropriate classroom behavior.

  • Raise standardized test scores.
  • Teach the disrespectful to be respectful.
  • End your day less stressed and full of energy!
  • and much, much, more!


About the Trainer

Ron Antinori has consistently been recognized as an outstanding educator. His 29 years in education have provided him with experience at the elementary school, middle school, high school, and college levels.

Twenty of those years were spent in the classroom where his instructional practices received praise and recognition. Most recently he has worked with teachers at the county level as a staff development specialist and as an instructional supervisor. The programs and strategies employed by teachers he has trained have been emulated in numerous school districts.

Mr. Antinori has conducted hundreds of teacher workshops and has presented at various high profile state and national conferences. His workshops continue to transform teachers, administrators, and entire school districts, to positively impact the lives of children.