Man's Best Friend

Introducing the man's best friend:)


Man's Best friend are definitely dogs. They have a strong sense of loyalty to human beings unlike other animals. They love others more than themselves and protect their owner with their life. So now, what do you think about dogs?

Breed of dogs




Life Span:14-16 years

Height:Male: 6-9 inches

Female: 6-9 inches

Weight:Male: 4-6 lbs

Female: 4-6 lbs

Chihuahuas need a great deal of human attention like petting, touching etc. This is a very active dog so daily walk is very much required to keep him healthy. This breed is an average shredder. The short-coated Chihuahua should be gently brushed occasionally and the long-coated Chihuahua needs to be brushed regularly with a soft bristle brush. This breed should be bathed once or twice in a month, while bathing special care should be taken not to get water into their ears. Otherwise an infection may develop. Their nails should be trimmed regularly. Chihuahuas prefer some small meals to one big meal per day. Chihuahuas are sensitive to cold so proper care should be taken while exposing them to cold weather.

Jack Russell Terrier

Breed Group: Terrier
Height: 13 to 14 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 13 to 17 pounds
Life Span: 12 to 14 years
It is the legacy of his legitimate work eradicating vermin on the farms where he originated. He'll excavate your garden and your living room with just as much determination as when he’s digging for a critter. A Jack Russell Terrier who digs doesn't have a behavior problem; he's the epitome of the breed.
A dedicated owner can channel that enthusiasm into hunting, but if your interests lie elsewhere, the Jack Russell excels at all kinds of organized and informal canine activities, and of course he excels at terrier races and earth dog tests. He loves to hike, and can be an excellent agility dog, too.
A Jack Russell will need firm, fair and consistent training from a young age so he'll understand the boundaries necessary for living with humans. As long as he's getting plenty of exercise and stimulation for his quick mind, he's perfectly capable of differentiating between the great outdoors and the family room sofa – as long as you take the time to teach him.

Golden Retriever



Life Span:10-12 years

Height:Male: 23-24 inches

Female: 21-23 inches

Weight:Male: 65-75 lbs

Female: 55-65 lbs
The Golden Retriever is a strong, medium size dog with a well proportioned head; neck is muscular and slightly long; muzzle is straight; teeth meet in a scissors bite; nose is black or brownish black; eyes are dark brown and set well apart; ears are relatively short and hangs down; tail is thick at the bottom with feathering along the underside. The most distinguished feature of this breed is its lustrous golden coat. It has a dense, close, straight or wavy, and water resistant coat. It has a moderate feathering on back of forelegs and on under body heavy feathering on neck, thighs and tail; short and even hair on head, paws and front legs.
The Golden Retriever is a calm, gentle, active, adorable, elegant and very friendly dog. This dog is very loyal to his family and, patient and gentle with children. It does well with other pets also. This is an intelligent breed and very easy to train. This obedient dog loves to please it owner. It is cautious towards strangers and barks loudly when sense any danger, which makes it a good watch dog. This gorgeous, wonderful family dog loves to swim and needs more human attention.


Bulldogs get along great with other pets and children as a general rule. They enjoy a soft couch and a belly rub, love and attention. Bulldogs have a gentle beauty in them and I know of no other breed that can offer the love and devotion that a Bulldog can. Bulldog owners are special people who really are concerned about this breed and its future.

When getting food bowls for your bulldog, invest in solid heavy duty stainless steel bowls. They will reduce the rash and redness from the bulldog face, can be cleaned easily, and provide a much better feeding and watering system than plastic.

Some cool facts about dogs You may not know:)

The World Record Breakers!

  1. The Greyhound is the Fastest Dog on Earth and can run 45 miles per hour for short periods of time
  2. The Irish Wolfhounds is the largest dog
  3. The Great Dane is the tallest dog
  4. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog
  5. The St. Bernard is the heaviest dog
  6. The Worlds oldest dog was an Australian cattle-dog named Bluey who lived to the age of 29 years and 5 months!

By JingLin:)