Roman Slave Revolt

By: Gabi Martinez

Led by Spartacus!

Spartacus was a freeman who joined the army and decided to leave. After he left he was sold into slavery and was made a Gladiator. After a while he escaped and with him so did more slaves.

Rome's not happy

Rome didn't like their slaves escaping. So this led to 3000 soldiers going to capture these slaves. Spartacus didn't want to be caught, so he tried to fight them off. And so he did.

Spartacus Wins the Battles

600 men were sent to capture and kill Spartacus. He defeated them once again. Once other slaves began to see that Spartacus was fighting back they soon joined him. These slaves started teaching each other to fight and survived off of each other, relying on each and every single one of them.

His Downfall

Spartacus was followed for two years. They fought and won every battle against them. But they couldn't win everyone and Rome soon caught up with them. Spartacus was Killed and everyone with him.