Greeks Immigration

By: Maria Torres

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When did the Greeks came to United States?

Greeks began to settle in America at the end of 19th century.

How many member of Greeks came to United States?

About 400,00 Greeks migrated to Unites States.

Where the Greeks settled?

The Greeks settled in some parts of United States like New York, Chicago and California.

What were some jobs the Greeks Immigrates found in United States?

They engaged in different employments such as street vendors, shop owners, restaurateurs, cotton mills, coalmines and railways.

What US immigration law or policies were in effect at the time of the Greeks migration?

The organization law that United States had when the Greeks arrived were the AHEPA and the GAPA organizations that helped the Greeks.

Contributions the Greeks made to United States and its culture?

In the beginning of 1960's the Greeks established a contribution called "revival of ethnicity".

How the United States received or treated the Greeks?

United States gave a lot of opportunities to Greeks they Americanize the Greeks.

Why Greeks came to United States?

Some Greeks came to United States to avoid compulsory three-year military service.

How the Greeks came to United States?

The Greeks came in boats to the United States.