Our Lady of the Cape Primary School

Newsletter - Thursday 16 March 2023

Loving God

We pray for the people of Ukraine and Turkey,

For all those suffering and afraid,

That you will be close to them and protect them.


Important Dates

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers in the OLC Community,

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Swimming Sports

Well done to all Year 4-6 students on their excellent display of sportsmanship at the swimming sports last week. After a shaky start with thunder and lightning ten minutes before the first event, the inclement weather passed, and all events were completed on time. There were huge efforts by many students to achieve their personal best performances. Thank you to Mrs. Sinclair for organising the event for our students and the many parent volunteers for helping the day flow smoothly.

The interschool sports are being held at Bunbury Aquatic Centre on Thursday 23 March.

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Parent teacher Interviews

Your child’s classroom teacher will contact you shortly to select a time that is mutually convenient for your parent teacher interview.

Vegetable Gardens

Our new vegetable gardens are near to being planted with the advent of summer showers. Many thanks to the P&F and the expertise of our human dynamo grounds man, Robert, for filling them with soil and reticulation to each of the beds. Mr. Jones will be arranging planting with the year 6 Garden Guru’s shortly.

Performing Arts Alive and Well

Our school band and choir were performing before school last Friday morning. What a great start to the the school day at OLC. Top work team and excellent work Ms. King for providing the opportunity for our senior primary school students.

Wheels After Meals

Our first “Wheels after Meals” will be held on Tuesday 28 March in the top car park at lunchtime. All students are free to bring in their scooters, skateboards, roller skates along with all the required protective equipment. All the gear can be left and collected outside Mr Lee’s office in the morning and collected at the end of the day on Tuesday 28th.

We lock the top car park at lunchtime and everyone ‘Hoons around’ in a clockwise direction on their wheeled devices after they have eaten their lunch.

News out of the chook pen this week

A welcome relief from the warm weather has not necessarily meant an increase in egg production. However, the 10mm of rain last Wednesday evening has stimulated green growth in the pen, so we are thinking positively for more fresh ‘googs’ to sell at out weekly Monday morning market.

Go You P&F legends.

After Andrew Fraser’s huge efforts in painting murals displaying our school values and teaching art skills to all students, this week we have had Catie Shepherd continuing her excellent work beautifying our school with our local wildlife images.


NAPLAN testing commences this week, 15-27 March for all students in years 3 and 5. The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) advises us to test early within this timeframe. Please make sure your child is early to school during this time.

Stage 7 Building Updates

The next stage of our building will be to create a second kindy, refurbish the interior of the existing kindy and commence refurbishment of the junior primary classrooms. The project is now in the tender process. The building will need to commence before the end of term two to be completed for the beginning of the 2024 school year.

The completion of stage 7 will allow us more flexibility with kindy days and eventually having three-year-old students on site.

We are completing our submission for Commonwealth funding (stage 8) to complete the refurbishment of the junior primary learning areas.

Little Seedlings

Little Seedlings has commenced. Come along Wednesday mornings at 9 chimes.

Enrolments 2024

Please ensure you have your enrolment forms in for any siblings that are expected to commence next year. Download the forms from the website, or contact Fran at the office for a pack on 9781 3200.

Did you know

  • Tuesday is the third anniversary of COVID in W.A.
  • Velcro is a complete rip off.
  • Kai Wheatley (3D) has three Indian Running Ducks on his farm. His grandad has some Friesian cows that live in Harvey.
  • Chickens will not walk on ice.
  • Ella (3Del) and Imogen (2N) Mussell walked along the Cape-to-Cape track during the long weekend. They stayed in a tent along the track.
  • Flynn’s (2N) dog “Seymour” came to visit him at school on Tuesday. He was very well behaved and most popular with all the year 6 girls.
  • Emmi Hopkinson (4K) was runner up champion girl at the swimming sports.
  • Ari McMahon (1N) came to visit Mr. Lee at 2.21pm last Tuesday with some sensational writing. (Editor notes that Krsool is a magnificent way to spell ‘castle’ when you are in year one.)
  • Luna Pickup is in year one. Her beautiful name Luna is Spanish for moon.
  • Billie Barton and Matilda Saunders (2N) know many facts about Carnaby’s cockatoos. They are also highly skilled at doing jobs. Tell them once and consider it done!
  • There are no inventories in Afghanistan because of the Tally-ban.
  • Fr Ian is a Collingwood supporter. (Best to speak slowly to him when you see him next!)

Action in the classrooms this week.

Grrrrrrrrr (Grumpy Principal Winge of the week)

The topic of school camps has been a topic of conversation in the media recently. There are many factors as to why this is so. Doubleview Primary School in Perth decided not to have a school camp this year, choosing to have a three-day adventure camp with the students going home for the evening. On hearing this information, a parent has gone to the media for this “totally unjust’ move by their child’s school.

Having been on 40-50 school camps over my career, there are many positives for the students and the staff. However, some parents may be unaware of the demands and responsibilities placed on staff whilst on camp. Apart from the many hours of work planning dietry requirements, budgeting, health and safety issues and legislative requirements, staff often stay awake with anxious students who are unable to sleep till 2-3 am, while the early risers are usually waking at about 5am. This type of situation can also leave the staff member in an extremely vulnerable position in our litigious society. There are many varying dietary and medical requirements to meet and then off into the day of activities with the students. At the end of the day of activities, staff then saddle up for another evening and put sixty students to sleep. They then bounce up after 2-3 hours sleep and into another day. One small thing goes arwry and I think you can guess what happens next!

There is no extra pay or time in lieu for the staff attending camp. Staff come home to be greeted by another pile of paperwork to report on the camp. Sadly, teachers are rarely thanked by parents for giving up huge chunks of their personal time for the benefit of others. When the Doubleview camp was cancelled there was a perfectly teachable moment that was lost for the students, “What do we do when something does not go our way?” We all know life is not easy and I often wonder what is going to happen when things go wrong in the future with the vulnerable generation that we are working with at this current time.

PS: The Year 6 class are all still going on camp this year from September 21-23. Thank you to our dedicated staff for providing this wonderful experience for our primary school OLC students.

  • Watching and listening to Mitchell Henry (1N) tell Misty (Our lovely canteen manageress) that he knows her, she is the lady from over there, pointing to the canteen.

Eugene Lee


South West Circus comes to OLC!

The Year 3 - 6 Dance Students were fortunate enough to participate in the South West Circus- Circus Skills Workshops this term! A huge thank you to the P&F for facilitating this incredible opportunity. The students had a fantastic time, and have learnt so many awesome new skills that will be incorporated into the OLC’s Dance Concert (Friday, Week 8 Term 2).

If anyone has any circus costumes or props at home and are happy to lend us for Term 2 (would love a few mini tramps!) that would be wonderful- Mrs Haines

Scholastic - Volunteer Required

A very big thank you to Chelsea Davies who has been running the book club for several years now. Chelsea is now unable to continue in this roll and we are looking for someone to volunteer to take her place. Please contact the school if you are able to assist. Chelsea is happy to train the new volunteer.



The first of our Family Masses for the year takes place at the church this Saturday night (18th March) at 6.00 pm for our Year 4 classes. During this mass they will make a commitment to their preparation for the sacrament of First Eucharist, which they will receive later in the term. Also during the liturgy, teachers new to OLC will be commissioned for the new school year. We warmly invite all families from any year level who would like to attend and celebrate Mass to come along and to share fellowship and pizza following the celebration. The pizza is generously funded by the OLC P&F.

Please RSVP with numbers to meyer.amie@cathednet.wa.edu.au for catering purposes ASAP.

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Our MJR program started from day one and identifies students who show the Spirit of Jesus by being Welcoming, Encouraging, Saying Sorry and Saying Thank you (WESTies). We are always considering how we greet, treat and speak to each other at our school. Each week we identify 5 students who have spread the Spirit of Jesus through their words and actions, and they are acknowledged on the MJR board in the undercover area. Keep an eye out for people making Jesus real, and feel free to nominate them for recognition via the nomination form in any classroom or the office.

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THANK YOU. Since the devastating Türkiye-Syria earthquake on February 6, Caritas has raised more than $1 million in aid. We would like to thank the OLC P&F for a very generous donation of $500 towards this cause, which goes towards delivering immediate help and resources like to those people in need.

Fr Ian



It’s not too late to join in the fun of footy tipping. A huge $300 on offer for first prize. You’ve got to be in it to win it. Sign up now!!!!!


Payment: $25 entry (no pay no play)

OLC P&F: BSB 633-000

A/C 177 265 998 Ref: YOUR TIPPING NAME


Has been restocked for those in our community in need. Please feel free to take meals for yourself or anyone you know in the OLC Community who could benefit. A big thanks to Leah Reilly for her cooking efforts!


Thank you to our amazing Year 6 volunteers for their huge effort on the carwash on Sunday. To those who organised, baked, barbecued, shared their produce and got wet washing cars, we couldn’t have raised money without you.

Community News

Health Nurse Information

Undescended Testes

Screening for undescended testes is recommended for boys at school entry (~4-5 years of age). Around 2-4% of boys have an undescended testes at birth. But sometimes the testes (also known as testicle) is in the scrotum at birth but is pulled up into the groin or abdomen at around 4-10 years of age. This happens because the cord that attaches the testicle to the abdomen doesn’t grow at the same rate as the child.

Undescended testes don’t fully sit within the scrotum. The condition isn’t painful but can increase the risk of several other health issues such as decreased fertility and testicular cancer. For those boys who develop an undescended testicle later in childhood, the 'ascending' testicle often needs surgery between 5 years and 10 years.

Please read through the information about undescended testicles provided by the Raising Children Network and encourage your child to check themselves as described there. Undescended Teste

If you have any concerns, please contact your General Practitioner or Community Health Nurse (97536480)

Community Soccer (Football!) Fundraiser Match

SAVE THE DATE: Friday 19 May 5pm - 7.30pm

Watch OLC Mums, Dads, teachers, and staff, battle it out on the field against Dunsborough Primary School.

The canteen will be open for dinner and snacks, raffle and prizes to be won, come down and watch all the action.

OLC vs DPS Women

then followed by

OLC vs DPS Mens


Are you interested in joining the OLC team? Spots are limited and the game is serious - serious fun! (men and women's team needed plus subs)

To join or find out more - Text James Cross (Yr5 Dad of Hugh) on 0499 922 755.


Are there any families who would like to kindly donate something to put in a raffle, like wine, gift vouchers, products etc will be much appreciated and will be recognised, please let Michelle Baker (Yr 5 Mum of Marlee Adams) know on 0417 910 520 or leave with Fran at the office.

If anyone knows anyone from the local Police, Fire, Army Reserve - who could let them know they are welcome to come down on the night and have apresence and this fantastic community event. Or let Michelle Baker know on mb1706paddington@hotmail.com.au

Should be a great game to watch - and a few teachers have already put their hand up! Can you guess who?