The life of Nelson Mandela

By: Sabrina DeQueiroz

Mandela's life

he was born on July 18, 1918 in mezzo, South Africa he was married to Graça Mache he was a protest politician. I had many children with four different wives. Police deprive Mandela father of his chief of status and they moved his family to Qunu. From the time of his birth he was shown to a family of pride and dignity. Mandelas father then died of tuberculoses when he was 9 years of age. The bright, young Nelson completed his junior certificate in 2 years rather than three before moving into college in Fort Beufort. Nelson then met two men who would become good friends and influence his life forever the first man was named Oliver Tambo and Kaiser K.D Matanzima who was air to the throne of his tribe. Nelson would not complete his bachelors at the time. After a year h would become involved with Student Representive council and that would change his life forever. He was known as a great man through out his life he later died December 5, 2013

Micro and Macro conflicts

1. He was the first family member to attend a school - Positive- Micro Perspective: his family

2. Nelsons father died -negative-micro-perspective: Nelson Mandela

3. He took an intrest in running and boxing-positive-micro- the university

4.Nelson met two friends-Positive-Macro Perspective: Nelson

5.Became involved with the stundent council representve boycott against the school-Positive-Macro Perspective:the university.

6.Refused an arranged marriage and ran away-negetive-Macro perspective: his family and himself.


And in conclusion we know today that nelson madela was a wonderful man that we know today that changed the world forever.
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I think that Nelson Mandela is an owl because he values his goals and sticks with them to help others.

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I used google pictures and wikapedia