The Life of Mario Moreno

Ashley Weston

Growing up

Mario Moreno grew up in Mexico and moved here when

he was 10. One thing he will always remember from growing up

in Mexico is his grandma’s cooking. He lived close to his

grandma and always went over to her house to eat her

delicious cooking. Because of how close he was with his

grandma, she was the one who made the biggest impact

on his life.

Moving to the United States

When his parents divorced, Mario and his brother, Louise, moved to the United States with his dad. He came here not knowing English and it took him 6 months to learn. He went to Charlotte Catholic for school, where he was discriminated against due to his race. He went to prom alone because no parents allowed their daughters to date him because he was Mexican. Mario went to NC State on a football scholarship, but he got injured and lost his scholarship. When finding a job, he was motivated by his passion for wine to find a job he would love and cherish. He now makes and sells wine for a living.
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Something that he misses from Mexico is his extended

family, such as his aunts, uncles, and cousins. His most precious

childhood memories is playing football with his brother and cousins

while his mom, aunts and grandma cooked dinner. The thing

he values most in life is his relationship with his mom who still lives in Mexico. He hasn't seen her since he moved to the United States 25 years ago, but they still keep in touch.
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