Change the Channel

Mind, Body, Wellness (information from Yoga 4 Classrooms)

Change perspective. Release negativity. Empowerment. New attitude

Can you remember a time when you found yourself feeling or acting negatively? Maybe you were frustrated about something. Perhaps you have a morning where everything that could go wrong, or maybe something did something to hurt your feelings.

Now, try to recall what you chose to do at this time. Did you sulk, lash out, or complain to anyone who would listen?

If you did act negatively, how did you feel? Was it helpful or harmful?

Did you know what we have a choice about how we react to a bad situation? We have the power to change our channel when we don't like our behavior or attitude, just like we change the channel on the TV when we don't like what is on.

Let's try it...

Imagine you are waiting in line outside at school and someone bumps into you, causing you to drop your backpack into a puddle. Naturally, you might feel yourself to become angry. But then, you remember you can choose how to react by simply changing your channel.

Rather than lasing out, perhaps you use the tools that I have shown you, like taking a deep breath.