4th and 5th


I am opening the next two weeks to schedule conferences with those who are interested. The days begin next Monday, September 22, and continue through that week and the next week, ending Friday, October 3. Below is a Google calendar for you to sign up for a time, beginning at 4:30 each day. Just go to the calendar, (
) locate the day and time, and click in the box. Type in your last name then click create event. If you have further questions, please email me.
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Professional Development

There will be no school for students this Friday, September 19, due to the scheduling of teacher professional development. Also, next Friday, September 26, is an early release to provide a records day for teachers in the afternoon.

PTO Meeting

The next PTO meeting will be Tuesday, October 7, at 6:15 in the Learning Commons (library). PTO meets the first Tuesday of the month.


In fifth grade we have added our famous Country Report to our agenda. We are learning the countries and geography of Europe. Students are reading a variety of books; check with your child to see what book that is :-)


Fourth grade is starting today to read Johnny Tremain and study the geography of the United States. This study includes mastering the location of all states and knowing their capitals.

Time Management and Organization

We have been experiencing a few time management and organization challenges. I have specific practices in the classroom that, while some may fine ridiculous and trivial, I have found to be significantly helpful in training the mind. In addition, knowing where your necessary items can be located cuts waaaayyyy down on stress, frustration, and work completion issues. We will discuss details further at conferences.

Class Wiki

Remember, if you are helping your child with work at home and need direction as to where to go or what to do, check the class wiki for possible assistance.