Alcohol and the Body

Alcohol is BAD

Physical affects of alcohol

Alcohol can affect you in many different physical ways. The most important is that alcohol can end your life in countless ways. You really don't know what is happening around you to a certain extent, so you would not know if you were safe at all. Also, you could just make a bad decision while intoxicated and end your life. Then there is the beer gut,drinking too much beer gives you a beer gut. Alcohol is worse than soda when it comes to fitness.

Alcohol Affecting Nervous System

Alcohol affects the body in so many terrible ways and in absolutely no good ways however you look at it. While intoxicated, alcohol kind of numbs the body and feels like you have a lot of adrenaline, but really you don't and it is just how alcohol makes you feel.

How Alcohol Affect the Brain

Alcohol can affect the brain in countless ways. Alcohol decreases the amount of brain cells that you have in your brain. In other words alcohol kills the brain slowly but surely. Alcohol makes your brain have blind spots in what you have learned all of you life. For example if you get in a tough situation while decently intoxicated you will most likely make the wrong choice because alcohol destroys your decision making process.