Area of Trapezoids,Squares,Circles

Tanya Raghu


In order to find the Area of a Trapezoid, the first step to finding the area is to add both the bases together, with the area you must multiply it by the height. The height being the highest point or altitude of the trapezoid. After completing the first two steps in this formula which involves adding and multiplying, divide the solution by 2 or multiply by 1/2, other wise known as .5 in decimals. Keep in mind that the area must always be written in units squared.


The formula to finding the area of a square is very simple. It consists of finding the product of the base and height. But remembering that the answer itself must be expressed in units square.


To find the area of a circle, multiply the radius by itself, (squared). After squaring the radius multiply your answer by pi, or by the decimal 3.14. Always remembering to express your answer in units squared.
Area of a circle