Canada in 2035

Will canada be the greatest country?


No Canada will not be the greatest country, but maybe the top best. Some reasons Canada could be the best is because of it growing population and how diverse the population is, or maybe because of available resources and how sustainable they are. It also could be because of the physical environment. It might also be because of its livable communities a. If these reasons could lead to Canada success of being the top best country in the world here is why.

Changing populations

Canada's Population

Canada has a population of 35.16 million people. Canada’s immigrant population is 6.8 million people, that’s %20 of our population. Canada has a death rate of 7.87 and a birth rate of 10.28. This makes our rate of natural increase 2.41. Our net migration rate is 5.66.Canada has a big population this might change in 2035.

Will Canada be a desired destination for immigration?

Yes Canada will be a desired destination for immigrants. Canada already has many immigrants this amount will grow because of our great pull factors. We have an education that some countries don’t have. There are many jobs here in Canada and in the future there will be a lot more. There are some push factors that makes immigrants come to Canada. Some counties are in war. People come because of they want to start a better life. Canada will be a wanted destination for immigrants.

Canada's immigrants

Canada will be attracting people in developing countries such as Asia and Africa. The developing countries don’t have what Canada have such as a health care system, education and jobs. This might change depending on the speed but that will be a long time. Another reason why immigrants from Asia will come is because of their family members being here in Canada. Canada’s source of immigrants will be from Asia and Africa.

canada's population in 2035

Canada’s population will decrease. This will happen because Canada’s women are This working instead of staying home and watching their kids, this lowers the birth rate. Another reason is because Canada has birth control. This means that the population will decrease because as people decease there won’t be enough babies to replace it. This is why Canada’s population will decrease. The First nation, metis and Inuit population will increase.

Interactions in the Physical Environment

Canada's Weather

Canada has the weather it does because of its placement. Canada is placed near the North Pole which means the light is not concentrated in one spot because of the distance of the sun. Another reason is because of the air mass, water currents and jet stream. The jet stream separates the cold air from the hot air. In the summer this jet stream moves up north which make the weather warmer. In the winter the jet stream moves south which makes the weather colder. These are some reason why Canada has this weather.

Canada's landforms.

Canada has many different landform region. One example is the Hudson’s bay lowlands. This lowland was formed by the continental glacier. This glacier went over the Hudson Bay lowlands and from the pressure of its own weight it was flattened. This glacier also brought in sediments from other places.. All these different landforms were formed differently. These landforms have different features like mountains and icy conditions.

climate change and canada's physical enviroment

Climate change will change Canada’s physical environment. Climate change causes dry condition in the Yukon, this causes forest fires, which means all the trees and vegetation will burn. Another cause of climate change is extreme weather. The ice storm that the greater Toronto area experienced destroyed many trees lawns and houses. All vegetation was non-usable. Some fruit trees didn’t grow any fruit. Canada’s physical environment will be effected by the climate change.

Resources & Industries

Most Important resources

Canada’s most important resources are going to be oil and lumber. Oil is important because of the Alberta oil sands it is already Canada biggest resource. This provides a lot of money to Canada. This makes the economy better and this also provide jobs. There is going to be a great demand in it in the future years because of the scarcity of oil. Another resource that is important to Canada is lumber because if the Canada has a lot of forest. This lumber will sold to countries that have a shortage in the specific lumber we have. This will also provide money. This is why Canada’s most important resources are oil, lumber and many more.

using resources sustianably

Canada will use these resources sustainably. Canada has many trees this means shelter wood cutting is a great option for being sustainable. There are different operation of cutting down trees. One way is clear cutting this is not sustainable. Another is shelter wood cutting this sustainable and efficient. Selective is very sustainable, but not very efficient. Canada’s oil will be used sustainably by not using more than we need so we can leave some for the future generation. Sustainable use of Canada’s resources is important.


issues of canadian cities

The biggest issue Canadian cities are facing is urban sprawl. This is split into 4 different issues transportation cost, farm land use, health cost and infrastructure needs. The reason why transportation is an issue is because of the pollution, commute time, and traffic congestion. Farm land use is a concern because the population is growing which mean every this places stress on a smaller % of land. Health is a problem because there is obesity, heart disease, air pollution and respiratory illness, high stress and depression/ unhappiness. This is why urban sprawl is the biggest issue for Canadian cities.

Will urban sprawl be an issue in 2035?

In 2035 urban sprawl will not be a problem. Canadian cities have found of solving these problems. To solve the transportation problem all houses, stores and workplaces will be in a walking distance like in downtown Mississauga. To solve the farm land use problem we can build apartments that will fit a full family, these apartments will have green houses on the roofs because there will be a lot of space. The easy commute will make people walk to work or to the store. This easy commute will solve most of the health concerns. The pavement roads will be replaced with solar panel roadways. This will collect energy and water from the snow and rain. Also the easy commute will clear up the roads for emergency services to get to the emergency. That’s why urban sprawl won’t be problem in 2035.


canada 2035

This is why Canada could be one of the best countries in the world. The Canadian population and immigration is excellent, the physical environment might not be the best, the resources are great and the communities of Canada will get better as years pass. Canada should be one of the best country in the world.

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!