WEEKLY MEMO 11/30/18

This Week on Mill Pond Life:

Hi! I hope everyone has had a great week back from break. It was great to hear about all the family time and travel stories!

I have included a link to an article that was apart of a blog I started following a little while back. The article is about "Who is doing the work?" in the classrooms. I thought it brought up some interesting points that are good for all teachers to reflect on. The site is a decent blog that shares OER content, new tools and resources, and trends in the field that inform the way we think about how to support student learning. They have been featured on podcast Cult of Pedagogy a couple of times, which is a podcast that I highly recommend! Ok, that is enough of a tangent. On to the good stuff...

The topics below:

1. The Value of Diversity Assemblies

2. PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook

3. Chess Club

4. Winter Craft Market

5. Newsletter

The Data:

The Value of Diversity Assemblies

As mentioned in my email earlier this week, we will be having grade-level assemblies next week about the value of diversity and that our school will not tolerate any form of prejudice or discrimination. There will be a debrief that will happen in homerooms immediately after the assembly. Please plan for the assembly and debrief to take up all of 1st period. We will go over the presentation and debrief and talk more about this at our staff meeting on Monday.

PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook:

Steve Masciarelli has created a 10-minute screencast on the new grade book that we as a district will be using this year. As you may know, we are no longer using the old PS gradebook app, as PowerSchool will discontinue support of that product at the end of this year. The new PowerTeacher Pro has many enhancements, so my hope is that staff find the product an improvement over previous years grade entry process. It is recommended that you take some time to explore this.

Chess Club

We have some interest in a Chess Club and wanted to see if anyone was interested in being an advisor? It would be immediately after school, and you would be able to pick the days/hours. Please let me know.

Winter Craft Market:

Coming December 6th and 7th will be our own adorable little craft market. If you are interested in contributing please sign up here.


Here is a link to this week's newsletter.

Enjoy your weekend!