Africa? What's in Africa?

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." Susan S.


Many tourists want to visit Africa. Some think it is a dangerous place. Africa is filled with a ton of beauty. From the mountains to the sea, from the grasslands to the great waters. These are just a few interesting places to visit.

To See. To Do. To Learn. To Love.

Atlas Mountains

I know what you're thinking! Hikes, hikes, hikes, hikes! The Atlas Mountains. The northern slopes are well watered. They are filled with farmlands and forests. The southern slopes are covered in shrubs. There are also salty lakes. These land features make the Atlas Mountains a beautiful place to visit and is a great attraction in Africa. In the Atlas Mountains you can mountain bike, trek, or on the lazy side ride a horse or camel.

Congo River

The Congo River is one of the largest rivers. It is about 2,920 miles long. In many parts of the river there are many islands here and there. Parts of the river are between four to ten miles wide. People who travel to the Congo River often go fishing. Fishing has become very easy to do and it becomes a daily activity.

Sahara Desert

Yes it is going to be hot, dry weather. The Sahara Desert is about 3,500,000 square miles long. You would be walking in the burning heat. The climate contains strong winds that come from the northeast. There is not much water and the temperatures do rise pretty high while there is very little vegetation. Tourists often visit the Sahara Desert to go camel riding or walk along side camels. During these travels, tourists enjoy watching the sunset, sunrise, and the starry night sky.

Serengeti Plain

The Serengeti Plain is a very interesting place. There is a national park that is a wildlife refuge. It holds about more than 500 species. The plain is about 100 miles east. It is also southeast from Lake Victoria. As a tourist, many take pictures alongside some of the animals. Many watch the animals migrate so they travel to Africa and watch animals migrate.